Glenn Creek Nature Preserve

What is the Glenn Creek Nature Preserve and Why Does It Matter?

The Glenn Creek Nature Preserve was established by neighbors and friends of the City of Decatur to permanently protect this two-acre bio preserve of native Piedmont Habitat. Open to the public, the preserve treats visitors to natural walking trails, the calming sounds of Glenn Creek (part of the South Fork Peachtree sun-watershed), and plenty of shade from its beautiful tree canopy. The Nature Preserve is located at 100 Fairview Street, Decatur, GA 30030.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 27 Noon-4pm 2024 Spring Fling

Last year you helped raise the funds to build a new fence, provide new signage, help improve the Preserve with clearing out one hillside of ivy and much more. So, again, we're celebrating and raising funds for more efforts in 2024.  Pizza served, Kid's Games, Music, Bring Chairs and Relax.  Donate for 2024 here.

Initially, Glenn Creek was called "Hunter's Branch," but over the years it became known as Glenn Creek, which is one of many headwaters located in the city of Decatur. When arborist Neil Norton realized that the area needed serious improvements, he reached out to Decatur Heights, Glenwoods Estates and Sycamore Station neighborhood associations to help preserve and save the area. Twenty plus years later, these neighborhoods not only preserved the area but is recognized as a premiere example of the native Piedmont habitat.

With the help of an early fundraiser, the neighbors raised funds, applied for a Governor's parks program under Governor Roy E Barns and worked with the City of Decatur to become a designated city park. This beloved natural resource continues to shine as an example of community effort and support to maintain and preserve a valued local resource.

Everyone can help by
volunteering on designated work Saturdays as well as provide financial support for updating the nature preserve through our Go Fund Me site online.

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